And we’re rolling

I’m going to pick a picture for every day, and tell you a little bit about what it means to me. Not so long ago, the wife and I took a much needed holiday. We didn’t give it too much thought. We knew we needed to get out and away from our everyday routine, we wanted to make a bike trip out of it, and we wanted to go to a place that was far enough so we felt like we were away from home, yet close enough that we didn’t spend too much time getting there.

We went to Hampi. And had ourselves a week of solitude without a fixed agenda. One day we went off to wander, taking a turn into the fields and going wherever it would lead us. This is where we finally stopped:

And this picture right here captures my whole attitude to life. To pick up and go, without too much thought tying us down. To travel the road less taken. To look out into new horizons. To do new things and breathe new life. To keep life, light, fresh and always beaming with energy.

Life, as we knew it, was pretty much moving along a straight and predictable line, until, suddenly I was given the opportunity to work in Goa. Lazy, small, beach town, Goa. Many questions crossed my mind. But in the end, the wife and I decided to pick up and move. And it has since been a journey much like the one we took before we reached the spot in the picture above. Someone wise once said that one cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.