Of surprises and change

Every now and then there comes a day that surprises you. Surprises are life’s way of throwing interesting things in your face. Surprises make you sit up, take notice, do something, smile, take a detour, or all of the above. But most of all surprises leave you wondering about what’s next.

It’s a crisp morning today, and this is what I woke up to:

Today is that surprising day. Because we’re half way through February. The season needs to be smoothly sailing in summer by now. The days out to get longer, nights shorter and hotter still. Yet, every now and then, there comes a surprise. out of the blue. Like this one.

I can’t remember the last time I saw such heavy fog in Goa. At a time when summer really should here by now. But it isn’t quite there yet. Mornings are misty, dark and bordering on downright cold. The evenings are still wintry and nippy. And if you’re anything like me you’ll need a light jacket on your way home.

But it’s exciting, because it made me pull out the warm clothes I’d conveniently forgotten int he dark corners of my cupboard. The ones I’d stopped using altogether. It presents new challenges, like devising new wake-up techniques that can beat the dark and dreary morning gloom. But most of all it keeps you thinking, wondering what other surprises are in store for the months to come.

Writing here has been one such surprise. When I first wrote to Varun, I wasn’t expecting to be given an opportunity in the near future. So when he wrote to me, seeing the email in my inbox was a pleasant surprise. The thought of writing in a space outside my very own, for people outside my circle was exciting, to say the least.

It’s brought me out of my zone, given me an exciting place from which to share my life with people who have never read me yet. And it makes me wonder, what next?