Brand Haathi

For those of you who have hopped on to my blog, and wondered why it has a rather absurd name, look no further.

I’ve been asked this question a million times over. I’ve always had a very simple answer: Some friends called me that years ago, and the name has just kind of stuck. It’s true, that really is how it started, but its only recently that I pondered over how the name has stuck, crossed circles and come to be a sort of self-branding, if I may say so myself.

Us advertising types often think about brands, why they came to be, how they were named, quirky taglines and the like. There are two ways to go about it. Name a brand, and then give it attributes. Or think about a products attributes and then a name that fits.

In my case I think it was a random start, that found reason to stick. What started as a cute name, kind of found an affinity with who I am and when the name found its way on the header of the blog, it began to stand for who I am and the words I painstakingly scrawl there. A few days ago I realised how easily my colleagues just call me Haathi, instead of Revati, and it made me wonder. Where do these names come from? What makes a name strong? Memorable? Sticky? Attention-grabbing?

While these are questions I often stumble over, without much success, at work, here’s a case where I know for certain how things came to be. And how they’ve stayed ever since. For a detailed story on how I came to be called Haathi, head over to my blog.