The twenty-second writer on the blog is….

Revati Upadhya

She is one of the bloggers who found Vie Hebdomadaires on wordpress and wrote to me excited about the concept.

When my head is not in the clouds, and I’m not dreaming of pink elephants and delicious travels to places I’ve never been, I am a part time writer + part time cook + part time artist + part time lover. And what it really makes me, is a full time explorer.

– An excerpt from her blog here

Revati will make posts on the blog from 6th-12th of February.

I would like to thank Andrew for his posts the week before this one. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to have a writer on the blog this current week (30th Jan to 5th February). Hopefully, with support from all the readers now we can drum up more support and new writers who will contribute on the blog and take it through to the end of 52 weeks and have 52 different writers.