Decisions, Decisions: You’re in Control.

I woke up this morning, selected an outfit to wear, decided to eat oatmeal cereal, chose to go into the MySocialCloud office to work with the team, allotted time for lunch, debated on whether or not to eat a salad or quesadilla and decided on the salad, chose to go back into the MySocialCloud office to work some more, received a text from a friend to see if I wanted to watch a TV show, but decided to sit down and write this blog post instead.

Lesson #1: Life is full of choices, but the good news is: the control is in our hands.

Throughout our whole lives we are forced to make decisions.  Should I drink that milk that’s been in the fridge for twelve days? Who should I go out to eat with tonight? Where should I go for college? Even the smallest of these decisions impacts our life in some way or another.  Think about it.  When you wake up in the morning, you throw on a shirt.  Say you choose to wear a Coke branded T-shirt and later that day someone comes up to you and compliments you on the shirt; your life is different than it would have been if you picked out the plain white t-shirt for that day.  Maybe you continue talking to the person, who complimented you and make a new connection, or maybe it’s a friend and the connection grows stronger.  You even may feel a sense of joy throughout the day that makes you happier and fun to be around, making other people think more highly of your attitude.  Moral of the story: Every little decision counts and impacts your life.

The risk with making all of these decisions is that we will all be wrong multiple times throughout our lives – especially when we are put on the spot or forced to make a quick decision.  Don’t be afraid to be wrong.  Make a decision and start living with it. If it was the wrong decision, recognize that it was wrong, and don’t be ashamed to try and correct it.  In the long run, correcting your bad decisions will ALWAYS be better than trying to go down a path built off of a bad decision.