What will the future bring us?

In the last 50 years, we’ve seen the invention of the PC, internet, mobile phone, space exploration and social media/networks. Also, we’ve seen the collapse of communism and major advances in the civil rights movement. It almost feels as though there is not much more to be achieved.

My question is simple: what will be the next major technological advance or historically important social movement/change in the next few decades?

  • Artificial intelligence; perhaps actual robots?
  • Major changes in the education system?
  • Major medical advances(ie aids vaccine, cure to cancer)?
  • Life beyond Earth?
  • Flying cars? (According to Back to the Future we should have these by 2015)

As for me, one thing I hope to see ended in the near future is human trafficking, a horrific scourge occurring all over the world. Human trafficking is the modern-day slavery. It is such a blatant human rights violation, yet still it affects the lives of many innocent people.