The tourist in me

I always feel that the best way to understand the culture of a place is to live it. Smell it. Enjoy it like a local. I have started to notice that Americans are not very good with their surroundings. Malls, theaters and cars they connect with all the time but they never try the simple stuff in life. So I decided to brave it and be a tourist for a day.

Introducing the gorgeous Getty Villa in Malibu. 64 acres of beautifully maintained space with a view to die for. From the balcony of the museum you can see the pool of water that feels like it extends all the way to the ocean.

I apologize for the poor quality of all my images till now. I am currently functioning on a free phone that has a terrible camera.

Between the trees in the distance is the ocean, glistening through the foliage.

This is the entrance to the structure. You have to walk through the concrete pathway, you see a wide amphitheater and at the bottom is the museum which is built in the same style of a large building that was excavated around the time Getty was getting into classical art. He modeled the museum on that structure (could have been Caesar’s father in law’s house) and gave the entire structure the feeling of being an excavation site.

Just another section of the space around the museum.

I was smart enough to just make it in time for the collection highlights tour. I highly recommend that you take a tour in a museum otherwise you do not appreciate the artworks. In the Carnegie Museum, I felt like I was overwhelmed by the number of works. Even though we only got to hear about four of the pieces on the tour here, I learnt to appreciate them. I made a quick tour of the rest of the museum. I also tried to get on the special exhibition tour. I had to resort to following the group around while straining my ears to listen to what the tour guide had to say about Picasso’s work. Still totally worth it.

Nothing profound happening in my parts of the country so I decided to let you guys live like a local with me. Makes me feel less guilty about donning my tourist hat. You are most welcome to follow the quirky side of me here or the more profound side of me here. Sometimes I like to mix and match because I’m just an oddly shaped cookie. Looking forward to hearing from you.