The nineteenth writer on the blog is..

Nina Vir

She is in high school in California. She is the founder of a fashion blog which was featured on Huffington Post.

She describes herself to be a

Daughter. Sister. Teen.Founder. Creative. Entreprenurial. Boss. Humanitarian. Leader. Dancer. Blogger for Huffington Post. Inventive. Cool Hunter. Leo. Felinophobic. Problem Solver. Organized. Detail Oriented. Funny. 

(excerpt from her page)

She will make posts on the blog from 9th-15th of January 2012.

I would like to thank SL Rao for her wonderful posts. My favourite post of yours was the one talking about artefacts and associated memories that one accumulates over their lifetime. I do think that the flavour of those memories evolves as time passes and sometimes the original incident associated with the artefact could be only a pale reflection of the memories that it evokes.