Peace in joy rides

Many of you might have seen this picture already. It was sent to me when I was at my lowest and it helped me pick up self up. It made me realise why I am making this journey and why I need to enjoy it.

If you’re feeling down. Find that one thing that keeps you going and hold on tight because things will get better.

When you’ve picked yourself up you can laugh at what your surroundings has to offer or even marvel at its outlook to life.

And maybe that will give you the strength to find peace in the smaller things in life.

This is a peaceful, calm serene space with lots of greenery where people can sit and meditate. Some days I escape behind the leave and work in the wilderness within Lake Shrine because it takes me back to things I adore – nature, tolerance, peace and quiet.

In other new I have exactly a week of my vacation in the warmer parts of the country. I am not looking forward to that long flight back to the cold cold East. I want to just disappear into the foliage. Anyone else want to join me?

Scarlet & Design and me