Tell me your story

I’ve been told that artifacts tell stories about their owners. For example this MoMA exhibit called Things we keep shows you all the exotic places and events that the owner has been through. But what do you take if you’re given only two suitcases? I’m extremely curious about what everybody else would take with them because when the moment comes, sometimes you make weird choices.

Artifact 1


I’m not sure why I thought I would need a key chain of all the things in the world. This was a gift from a very close friend who bought this in Dharmshala, the capital of the Tibetan government in exile. He lived with the monks for 12 weeks and taught them English. I also like how it looks. Turned out that the key chain what exactly what I needed. Its my lifeline now. (from somewhere in the mountains)

Artifact 2:

My bfffff (best friend forevah^20) gave this to me on one of my birthdays. It’s a simple toiletry case but it defines me. Patchwork. India. Bright. Cheery. It has come on many adventures with me. (Anokhi). I also brought with me a Thai silk scarf that she gave me (from her travels to Thailand). It doesn’t protect me from the cold but its a bit of my past on my neck.

Artifact 3:

Sadly I do not have a picture of it but its a Tee that has come to mean a lot to me. It’s not only of a band that I LOVE but also from a friend who I never got to thank. It traveled from Europe to India to all over the US. I wear it so much that the color is starting to fade but I still love it.

Artifact 4:

A book that started off as a sketch book but has become my listing diary since August because I love to complete tasks and then proceed to scratch them off my list. Yes, I’m a dork. Another reason that this book means a lot is that I’ve had friends stole it from me and jotted extremely random stuff in their handwritings. I’m a sucker for letter but this is the next best thing. Again Indian, handmade. (from Auroville).

Artifact 5: (My Precious)

The laptop too but mostly the Spongebob. Was won for me in an arcade by someone I affectionately call Sponge bob and sing the theme song to. How could I not bring it?

I picked these items because they have their own past, a distinct style and their own stories They came to me from people I am very fond of. Slowly they weaved their stories into mine to become strong reminders of home. All the other things in my studio space came afterwards (except the bookmark from the last play I did and the ticket). I was one of the few people with an empty tack boards because two suitcases are not enough to fill up 22 years of memories, you  know?

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