Things people forgot to tell you

before you decided to move your entire life to a new country.

(Caution: This is one girl’s rant about *A* country. You’re most welcome to add to the list.)

  1. Walls are made out of paper so you have to find roommates with the same study habits as you or all of you will have dark circles that nobody can fix.
  2. Grades are not the only things that matter. You’re here for the experience so make sure you’re not always stuck to your desk lamp.
  3. Everything is backwards so even turning on the light from a set of switches or opening the lock in the dark when your land lord has decided to save some money by turning on the common lights a couple of hours late each evening can be extremely frustrating. You suddenly realise how habits have trained your muscle memory. This also applies to crossing the road, especially when cars decide to drive into you from the wrong side of the road.
  4. Winters are about [how much patience you have to slowly wear multiple layers, stand in the cold for a few minutes to and proceed to slowly take off the layers one by one when you get into a building] x number of times you decide you want to exit the building.
  5. Never judge the weather by the warmth of your heated home. Its leads to colds and flu.
  6. Don’t expect version’s of your ethnic food preparations to be exactly like that your mom lovingly makes at home for you. It should be common sense that Starbucks chai != real Indian chai. Also, complaining about how it is not the same will is not elicit any sympathy.
  7. Fake accents hurt everybody.
  8. It’s easy to tear people to shreds. Its harder to see what you are lacking and learn from people around you. Take the best from what they have to offer.
  9. The brand name of a school comes from what it has to offer to you after you’ve been accepted. It is up to you to make the most of it. Nobody is going to give you anything on a silver platter.
  10. You last name is not special anymore.

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