The underfed cow.

I should probably mention that the probability that this post is actually going to be about an underfed cow is very low so I am sorry for all those of you who were guided by Google to this post by your search.

It is the second day of a new year. A new year that smells of predictability, chaos, learning, excitement and hopefully new experiences for me. What does it mean to you? (hold that thought because I have more questions coming your way)

On the last day of my year I had the time to think about the drastic changes that 2011 had brought into my life.

I decided to do everything backwards last year. Got into theater full time. Tried my hand in the movies. I quit that to pack 22 years of my life and move to a completely new country for grad school in a field I have no experience in. I learnt to share, love, live and let live. I think the biggest learning was picking myself up after falling, literally (I fell off the pavement one cold foggy morning. It was pretty embarrassing).

2011 has also been the year of trying new things. Because I am so far away from home I have decided to understand more of the culture of this country that I will be calling home for the next two years. That will be material for another post.

This is where I was first thing in the morning on 31st December 2011. Hiking, Topanga State Park.

View from the mountains

Proceeded to eat brunch by the sea

View from Duke's

What a wonderful way to end a wonderful year.

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