How Many Breakthroughs Does it Take to Change a Life?

Is it one? three? No?

How many times then do I have to spiral all the way down before bouncing back up with every ounce of strength I have? Am I doomed to a life of temporary intervals of solace between crises?


I can’t help the goosebumps every time I watch this video. It is a song that tells the (true) story of a woman who overcomes domestic abuse in rural India and finds her own as a truck driver. I do not find it strange that the song is about a woman, since it is often women who find themselves stuck in destructive circumstances, often living and dying within them.

The underlying truth, though, is that anyone can find themselves and break through, irrespective of where we start and how little we have. Finding my way is often simply a matter of looking for it. Strength is often just about being present when my crises happen. And losing my way is often just a matter of getting distracted for a while. But so what if I did – it showed me an exciting new (if longer) road. I can always choose to retrace my path and begin afresh.

How many breakthroughs does it take to change a life? Now that I think about it – I can’t predict how many I need to have in order to reach a point where I no longer need any. Maybe life is the breakthrough. Maybe one cannot exist without the other. Whatever it may be, I know that I would never relinquish my ability to feel the deep anguish of a crisis and to rise above it and breakthrough.

Maybe it is 17,639.

Is it possible all the light bulb jokes were really trying to tell us something else entirely? Nah, but it doesn’t hurt to think about it in any case.

Thanks for listening!