The seventeenth writer on the blog is…

Anusha Mujumdar

She is a PhD student currently doing research on spacecraft and has a previous experience of working on unmanned air vehicles. She has been a teacher in her past life and  off work, a passionate actor who enjoys her time on stage.

She has lived in India all her life and recently has moved to the UK for her PhD. I hope that this would bring in some interesting view points on the subtleties and cultural differences that one can experience on moving.

She will bring in the new year on the blog and post on it from the 26th of December – 1st of January 2012. She is a new blogger and this is her first blogging experience.

I would like to thank Alexey for his wonderful posts and his view of the different continents that separate or highlight the differences in humanity.

I’d like to wish everyone reading a Happy new year 2012.