Continents contd.

I bet that you, like myself, have found yourself in a situation when you don’t understand something, you try very hard to comprehend it from different points, you almost give up when it finally ‘clicks’ somewhere in your head and you get it! What a relief you feel! That’s wonderful if a little later it doesn’t ‘unclick’ and you go through the same vicious circle again. It happens with me that in Perú when I talk to people the percentage of false ‘clicks’ is somewhere about 50%, meaning that half of the time I’m happy thinking I understand people when in fact I have no clue…. It’s easier in the mountains where people tend to speak slower and more clear. In the coastal Perú people speak fast. For some reason people start speaking faster when they see that you don’t understand them. I think that language and understanding are two things living far away from each other. You don’t need to speak foreign language to be misunderstood in fact. When we hear or read something it looks like we read/hear just a part of the whole and the rest we just fill up ourselves. Is it because we feel familiar patterns in what we hear/read and thus feel no need to spend time to finish hearing/reading something? I think we’re just preoccupied with the idea that we understand the reality where in fact we simply imagine it.

Continent #4 – language. Do you understand what I meant to say above?