Continents contd.

“Did you like the turkey meat?” – my peruvian friend asked me at the Christmas dinner the other day. “It was alright, a little dry don’t you think?” – I noted. “If you want there is water in the kitchen…” – he responded. For some reason I feel really stupid at moments like this, can’t help it. Apparently people eat turkey at Christmas season here, turkey with creamy noodles. They even brought one live turkey here yesterday and put it under my windows. Never heard how turkey sings before, beautiful voice, at 5AM in the morning. First I thought some dog was dying or something, noisy. I think Perú is the world’s biggest producer of noise, if you see something and it doesn’t produce a sound, then it’s dead. People yelling in the market, music everywhere, fiestas with fireworks at 4:30AM, guys whistling after girls all the time on the street, if you don’t hunk while driving nobody will notice you on the road because everyone is hunking and you should too, etc. I never drove a car on sand before, so you can guess the first turn and my car got stuck in the sand today. I didn’t notice how about 5 men appeared, people I don’t know and started helping to push the car out of the sand pit, that didn’t work so what did later made me a little puzzled, they simply digged the wheels of my car out of sand with their bare hands. That worked. I was driving during the day with a feeling that there’s something missing in the overall picture of me driving a car in Perú. Being a little on a ‘slow side’ it took a while for me to find out what it is – no traffic signs. The only traffic signs I saw during the day were the names of the streets, no other signs, period. Nothing tells you where to park, speed limits, stops, nothing. I have hard times describing things like these, after all how do you describe a culture? It’s something you do without thinking, everyone does it, so….

Continent #3 – culture. People separated by the way they’re brought up by other people.