If anyone is reading this then Hi!

This is a completely new thing for me to write blogs, never felt a need to do anything like that. Being asked by friend of mine to participate in this blog, so here I am. A short intro Valentina left about me mentioned that I’m currently on a different continent actually caught my attention somewhat and I’ve decided to write here about…. continents.

Latin America, Pacific ocean, the western coast, Perú. Approximately 28 millions of inhabitants. One inhabitant more on Sep 21st, that was the day when I arrived to Lima. Stayed in Lima for 4 days just to get a touch of the city. A lot of movement, everyone is busy doing something.

Continent #1 is definitely the physical land, surfaces, destinations. As farther distant the land is as more you want it. The coast of Perú is desert, the sand touch salty waters of the ocean, sand dunes, sand cliffs, sand storms, sand everywhere. The central part of the country, la sierra, is mountains. Hight altitudes, high contrast climate, hot in the morning and showers in the afternoon. Takes some time to get used to the altitude, coca leaf tea is good for this. For some reason in the mountains people grow eucalypti almost everywhere you go, must be a good tree to cultivate. In tropics I’ve heard it’s really hot. Haven’t been there yet, planning on going this March.

Continent #1 – People separated by land, space and distances.