The sixteenth writer on the blog is….

Alexey Kurilenko

This is what the previous writer has to say about Alexey..

I thought of where to sent the blog next and decided to change continents. Peru.  And Alex Kim who is working there volunteering and teaching kids what computers are and how to use them. It is a different world there worth having a look at. And Alex is the person with the most infectious laughter I have ever heard, the person with a notepad always writing something down or looking up, the person conquering new languages as persistently and smoothly as some conquer women’s hearts

Alex will post on the blog from 19th-25th of December. He is new to blogging and I wish him well for being a good sport and signing up to be part of this project.

A big thanks to Valentina for her wonderful posts and beautiful photographs. I was really happy reading your farewell post as it reflected with some of the thoughts I had in the last few days while thinking about the next steps in this blog.

I hope you all have a good Christmas.