As a Farewell

The main beauty I discovered while writing this blog is that as soon as I sat down and opened a blank page I realised the calm and pure emptiness inside of me. There are numerous thoughts passing by here and there, you can catch any of them and develop into a post. But none of them is urgent, none possesses me, I do not have anything to complain about, overwhelming emotions I urgently need to share, stories I am dying to tell.  Maybe you will not understand why I am calling this a beauty, but after spending quite a bit of time living in one spiritual community I have learned things different from usual world perceptions. We are possessed by our stories, we are obsessed with life dramas, we breath them as air, we associate ourselves with them so much that we never get to know our true selves. We endlessly pretend to be something we are not, creating images and making impressions on others. Try staying on your own for a week or so and observe the way you are with yourself. Wearing make up? Tight jeans? Elegant suits? Using perfumes? Or wearing shorts, never brushing your hair and eating right from the frying pan?
So yes, the beauty of the emptiness… I do have an intense and interesting life, I am in love, I am travelling, studying, creating, I am open and emotional, there are so many different people, places..everything. And yet nothing to tell you. Except for maybe ‘Hey, why  on Earth would you be sitting there reading someone else’s life stories instead of living your own one, which is happening right there around you?’.