“Smile. Здравствуйте!”

The short name for the company I work for is ‘Smart’. And if one happens to answer the phone one is supposed to say: “Smart. Good afternoon!” as a greeting. Today I caught myself again accidentally saying “Smile. Good afternoon!” instead. And smiled at myself because of that slip of the tongue.

Russia. Mid December. Surprisingly I am not yet the last cyclist in the city. And starting from the beginning of the month cyclists greet each other on the road with a nod and a smile. Isn’t it beautiful?

Then you get a parcel from a Canadian friend who has settled in New Zealand with a number of his favourite teas inside for you to try. And smile again.

A little boy on the metro sees a 25-floor apartment block on an advert and says with a cutest smile to his grandma: “Granny will you buy me such a house for Christmas?”. How can one help smiling?

And then you run into a video like this:

And then…then… it is endless. I am pretty sure you have a bunch of your own little smiles you kept enjoying throughout the day.

I did start a blog not so long ago. But not really for writing. Writing is a kind of meditation for me, even a Satsang I would say. Impossible to fully perform in public. And then I hardly ever talk untill I am asked to =) I started it mostly for collecting things that make me smile.
Little random details, comments, smses, pictures…anything. I would share them with you but you are not me )) Things different from mine make you smile. So what was it today? Do not forget them 😉