Wer Wenn Nicht Wir?

I have never been much into politics to be honest, but when political news start flooding your life through all possible informational canals and any your social network looks more like a welovepolitics.com chat you become involved too. Or maybe at some point you just grow up.

I guess it all started from the half a year spent under one roof with a politically concerned german. He knew about terrorist attacks in my home country faster than me, he got daily updates about the revolution in Egypt from the Egyptians participating in it, he ate political news with breakfast, lunch and dinner and shared some of them…What had always surprised me was the political system there, in Germany. So transparent and so partially watched by all the interested citizens. When one can request information about the income of a particular politician and get it… It seems just unbelievable for Russia. Even if one made the system here transparent it would have looked like a labyrinth with glass walls, some a bit lower so that you can climb over, some higher but having secret doors and holes, everyone sees everyone else cheating and does not mind so much but does the same instead. And even if minds there are hundreds of walls between him and the cheater not letting him interfere. Actually it is this way for any system here.

Last Saturday there were demonstrations around the country. Peaceful demonstrations supporting honest elections, protesting against cheating and showing people’s hope in the country and its future. That is inspiring. The most inspiring thing is that people care and believe in the possibility of peaceful improvement instead of packing bags and migrating. There is some internal strength in the character of Russians which I love. They do not believe that  impossible exists and never give up.

The following two photos from the demonstrations are my favourites so far.
The first one says: The one on the right – “Give us honest elections back!”, on the left – “Give us snowy winter back!” (to get it one should probably know that this winter in Russia is strangely warm and snowless)

The second one has quite a bitter-sweet taste. The poster says “I did not vote for these bastards I voted for other bastards!”. Bitter because it is true, sweet because people realize it and announce with an irony which makes it sound humorous.

P.S. “Wer wenn nicht wir” (If not us, who?) is the name of a German drama film directed by Andres Veiel about the protests that took place in Germany in 1968. It was on in St Petersburg last Sunday.