The fifteenth writer on the blog is…

Valentina Stille

This is what the previous writer had to say about her

She`s simply amazing. I wouldn`t imagine my life in Saint Petersburg without her. Valentina is this kind of outstanding element that always brings all really cool people together, she spreads harmony all around her. She is a great listener, and that`s why she`s even a better speaker:) I am sure she`ll be able to contribute a lot:)

You can read more about her form her CS profile here..

Prefer listening to talking. 
Enjoy harmony more than food, water and sleep.

I might look and dress feminine but my character was formed by my elder brother with whom I grew up, which means: 
I feel more at home in a male company and initially trust men, I like rock music, fishing, cycling, camping, I am very patient and laid-back, straight-forward, do not have secrets, keep my promises and do not betray my principles

(An excerpt from her CS profile)

She will make posts on the blog from the 12th-18th of December.

I would like to thank Anna Shtorm for her very candid posts, filled with beautiful pictures and snapshots from her life. I wish her the best.