Hi. My name is Valentina and I was born on Sunday morning.

At night it started raining again. Wet chilly December. And completely snowless. I was following him on the way home. Following as I was in heels thus slow (girls are half-equal to disabled people when they are wearing heels)), and he was distressed thus absorbed with his thoughts, fast and not caring about the disabled. How come I am caring about the distressed?

I Indeed do more than usually when we live together because then they create part of the energy of the house. No matter how close or distant friends we are I become invisibly connected to them emotionally, and even if they put a smile on, nod encouragingly and say “Do not you worry. I am fine.” I still feel if it is not true.

Some think it is silly to connect the way of thinking and speaking with the way of living your real life. While it sends shivers down my back if the first thing I hear in the morning right after awakening is a ‘Bollocks!’ or a ‘Bloody hell!’ How can one possibly have a good day after that? I normally wake up with a smile on my face and doubtlessly equal swearing and screaming to violence, verbal violence. And somehow instinctively avoid people inclined to it. As the life we live is mostly the projection of our thoughts and perceptions. The external factors only provoke this or that sensation inside of you and then you start living it through within the framework of your precious self. And this whole Self is your creation.

“Knowing oneself one knows all the others; knowing one’s family one knows the others, knowing one’s village one can know all the others, knowing one’s kingdom one gets to know all the Celestial Empire. How do I know that it is this way? By doing so.”