The fourteenth writer on the blog is….

Anna Shtorm

This is what the previous writer had to say about Anna

The day after I met her in St Petersburg, I was shocked to received a telegram, all in cyrillic , ‘Here is real life proof that the telegraph exists.’ I’d said no-one uses telegrams anymore, when she said her father sent texts as if they were telegrams and paid for by the letter. She is unfailingly quirky and entertaining, has lived in America(Miami I think) working as a vintage photographer, hitchhiked around Europe(more than once) and sometimes claims she is a  hamster. Anna is currently teaching Russian in Poland.

She takes beautiful  and sometimes bizarre photos:

Some of her pictures can be found here

Anna will make posts on the blog from the 5th of December till the 11th of December.

I’d like to thank Emma for her wonderful posts and having taken time to be part of Vie hebdomadaires amidst a busy schedule and moving houses.