Rua Sao Bento

Some expresso images of Rua Sao Bento, known as the birthplace of one of Lisboa’s most celebrated Fadista’s, Amelia Rodrigues and incidentally, inconspicuously down the road from Amelia’s Casa-Museu (house museum) the Portuguese Parliament.

At the tip of the Rua Sao Bento, a grand old building stares at the time that has been passing before it in sunsets and movements of crowds for centuries. It’s stare is gradually eroding the brash digital figures of the minutes.


The glass doors of an antiqe shop reflect the old houses around it. Who is that strange girl crouched down, taking photos of a shop? Down the street, the sun is beginning to fade slowly. I took a stairway to the left, and ended up walking through the maze of streets until dark. One alleyway down would have been the road home but in this city of valleys, two parrellel streets can lead to opposite ends of the city.