Ordinary Life

The Glowing Orb (glow-in-the-dark ball). My favorite toy.

Recently I added a tag line/catch phrase to my personal blog: Recycling Ordinary Life Into Fiction. I write flash fiction and short stories. That means I need to dream up new characters and new situations to put those characters in a lot. My life is far from exciting. I have been a stay-at-home mom for over 12 years, so I can’t even look to my co-workers for inspiration when it comes to writing. I’m not exactly a social butterfly either, lunching and gossiping with friends is rarely something I do. So, I take inspiration wherever I can find it.

Over the weekend I was looking at art on Tumblr. There were several beautiful portraits of women that caught my attention. Suddenly the phantom voice of a new character popped into my head saying, “I want a boyfriend who will draw pictures of me.” That idea bobbed around in the idea swamp in the back of my mind until I started writing the story yesterday. Finishing it is on my agenda for today.

Prompts are one way to get the writing motors humming. I own many books that are filled with prompts and I love them. They are one of my most valuable writing resources. Just paying attention and taking notes is also a great way to come up with ideas. Television shows, radio programs, discreetly eavesdropping at a restaurant, Facebook . . . the list is endless.

You never know where a spark of inspiration will come from. What are some of your favorite ways to find ideas for your writing?


Janel from Janel’s Jumble