The eighth writer on the blog is….

Melissa Wolfe

A social media insights & strategist from London, UK.

This is what the previous writer had to say about her

“She’s a fabulous writer, a better person, and I thought another smart female voice would be a nice next step.

She is someone who has fought through an eating disorder in her past and shared her path through this openly with everyone on her blogs.

“18 years ago, I gained an eating disorder and lost an identity. It wasn’t a great exchange. But it wasn’t a complete write off. This is a story about finding an identity and giving an eating disorder up. “

(An excerpt from her blog)

She also runs a couple of other blogs (2) and has started a new one recently here. She will be making posts on Vie Hebdomadaires from 24th-30th of October.

Before I sign off, A big thanks to Michael for his wonderful, inspiring and though provoking posts which makes one look back into their own pasts and decisions and draw parallels with the life that he has lead. Good luck for your manuscript.