The Seventh Writer on the blog is…

Michael David Lockhart…

A writer currently living in Vancouver, Canada and working on his first manuscript for an epic 5 part fantasy story. A participant at the Vancouver OWS (Open Wall Street) movement.

Sometimes I get cranky. Politics and politicians cause this frequently. Injustice of any kind will do it too. And when it does, there must be an outlet. The same applies to when something moves me, and then I like to make something that’s as close to pretty as I can manage. I am an expert on nothing, but I’ll offer an opinion. If I manage to hit the target I’ll be happy crediting the ‘blind squirrel finding the odd acorn’ rule of the universe.

(An excerpt from his blog)

You can find his blog here..

Michael will make posts on the website from 17th – 23rd of October (in Pacific Standard Time).

I would like to thank Lance for his wonderful posts last week and also for giving a great beginning to the story section of the website. The “Catwoman and the Batman” story begins now, and will run for 7 more weeks, during which the bloggers on the website will take the story forward to its suitable end.