The Sixth writer on the blog is..

Lance Burson

Husband, father, writer, blogger, music snob, word nerd, sports fan, fitness weekend warrior, red velvet cake enthusiast, and pumpkin pie expert. I like long walks on the beach, music, the color green, football, robots, sarcasm, sci fi, disaster movies, fighting and dresses as metaphors and not talking about Fight Club.

(An excerpt from his blog..)

He will be posting on Vie hebdomadaires from the 10th-16th of  October. Pop over to his blog to read some of his writing and some Crazy Robot Stories. His blog can be found here..

With Lance starting his posts this week, this is a great opportunity to introduce a new feature on the blog. You might have noticed “The Story” section on the blog and wondered what it is for.. Well, beginning from this week, we are going to start a collaborative story building section here. Each writer, in addition to making blog entries, gets an opportunity to work with other writers and build a story. Starting this week, Lance will start setting the scene for the story and introduce a few characters. Every writer who follows him can continue the story with the same characters or introduce a maximum of two new characters during their week of writing on the blog. The idea is to start and finish a story over a period of 8 weeks, through 8 different writers.  This is an exciting opportunity to work with other writers and have a great story. Please remember to keep track of “The Story” section in addition to the blog posts.

Have a good week.