Heartfelt Apologies…

After spending the last 24 hours exchanging emails with the current writer, it saddens me to say that I have been forced to ask the writer to step down and stop writing for being insensitive , bad language and not apologising to all those of you who were offended by his language.

It troubles me further that the assumption of being a guest blogger is easily taken as an excuse for doing whatever one pleases and bringing down the tone of the blog. I sincerely apologise to all the writers who have written on the blog, who have shared my excited conversations about the blog when I discussed with them. I also apologise to everyone who read the post and were upset about the content on it.

The blogger code, which I have been made aware of recently about ” never taking down posts written by others” doesn’t work if the quality of the post is offensive and hurts those who read or leaves a bad taste. One has to be aware that it is hard to follow the blogger code when the quality of the post is offensive and hurts those who read or leaves a bad taste. I have to say this, I am not a moderator and this is not a moderated blog. I do not want to control your content and your opinion as long as it is not distasteful and offending people who read it. I wish to make it clear that mindless rants like this was, will be moderated. In future, writers are asked to refrain from using obscene language.

I sincerely hope you are not put off from reading this blog in the future and continue to follow the posts. I assure you that in future, more care would be taken in getting sensible people writing on Vie hebdomadaires. The blog will continue from the following week, with some changes to the way things are run and some exciting new features that I am planning on introducing.