Before The Turtleneck

It was a time of chaos and uproar. Political factions warring each other with such dangerous weapons as a pen, a piece of paper and whispered abuses. No one seemed to know what the world was going to turn out to become after the early 1990s, when one physicist boldly declared that “[…] the world has seen most of its inventions. Physics has nothing new left to offer. I think we have reached the apex of our inventive capabilities.” He said these words with a Sony Walkman clasped to his pants.

Then came the iPod.

And it was followed by a phone, a tablet and a remarkable laptop. Brainchildren of Steve Jobs. February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011. Master of the turtleneck.

Perhaps one of the most fitting tribute I can think of, is to share this video – the presentation that changed the world.

RIP Steve!