Jugaad- Meaning and Implications in the Great Indian Tamaasha

It’s a Thursday today and a day of great importance for any sales guy in any company. Tomorrow marks the end of the Month, Quarter and Half Year for Indian Companies.  Good numbers result in wonderful mid-year appraisals, hikes and promotions so every business development.

In this charged, high-intensity atmosphere, sales guys do something called ‘Jugaad’ – a technique as Indian as Tandoori chicken It’s not quite hustling, not quite planning, or increasing demand- but a process where good-will created over an extended period is valued and well-meaning Business Development professionals try to convert that to quick Purchase Orders that increase the total sales volume.

Tomorrow is going to be about everything that’s good in the World- Hope, Excitement, and the spirit of the game.

Some industries are more conducive to Jugaad than others. I would say that in my industry (Behaviour Assessments) its effect is muted- Only so many orders I can get – to infuse our company with the PO’s to get us over the finish line. But industries like Banking, Time Share, and Retail etc… The last week of the month is where most of the action is.  Discounts are given, negotiations carried out in full swing, close business contacts are solicited (at times, very directly) for business. While for me, there’s always a bit of guilt, knowing that I’m troubling my clients to no end, my clients have been very understanding. Most of them are very experienced in business and know the pressures sales guys have. Of all the things I am thankful for in life, having such an understanding set of clients is always a source of hope.

In so many ways, it is this period of sale that determines the vibrancy of the market. While most of the world is still coming to terms with the recession, India has been doing quite well through this year, and our business projections are higher than those of last years’. Things look quite peachy for the rest of the Financial Year.

For tomorrow – the goal is simple. Run, as hard as I can. Call, As many clients with whom I share a great rapport with, and close as many deals as possible, Ideally so that the numbers achieved over the past 29 days of the month, are at least matched, if not beaten on the last day.

Looking forward to tomorrow with anticipation!