A consultant’s Paradise

Today has been a very eventful day. I would like to think that I have contributed my bit to a client. As mentioned before, part of my responsibilities at work include solving some very touchy issues. This is a part of my work that I enjoy tremendously. The firm I work for is one of the few in the World that correlates (qualitatively and quantitatively) workplace behaviour to productivity, success and Job Satisfaction.

Teamwork, in an ideal scenario needs to work as something that is greater than the sum of its parts.  In so many organizations today, people with great intellect and experience come together to work, and the work produced, ends up being of a much lesser calibre than if said individuals were working in isolation on their area of expertise.

The way we do business has transformed radically over the past few years. Information, that was privy to select individuals within organizations, is now available through so many modes of communication. Entrepreneurship is a very promising option. In this scenario, one of the oft neglected bedrocks of any business, its people, are likely to be given the lowest priority. Yet, for all talk about new gizmo’s new technology and new swanky automobiles, creativity- the science and art of creating something – will always be the exclusive product of the human mind.

Yet in all this understanding, time after time, I get to see people at all levels of hierarchy going through the same issues that impair free thinking and cut down creativity, flair and passion for work.  Today was one of the days I worked through this issue with some of the most battle hardened veterans in Business and identified exactly why they were having problems working with each other, and how they could work to their strengths, without hurting and politicking with their peers, and make their organization reach goals envisioned. Apparently, I helped the clients’ Senior Management Team understand each other much better than they had so far.

For the last five years, a small part of me has always felt incomplete- because on the surface, sales/ consulting does not appear to have the power to change and transform lives- as say Biotechnology, Electronics or Software. But working in the field that I am, I realise today that not many things in the World can be more satisfying than influencing people on such a professional and personal level.

It’s been an enjoyable journey thus far- assessing people’s behaviour and studying its impact on organizations performance. I hope I get to do this for some time to come.

PS: The post starts with a Dilbert Strip. This is one of my all time favorites!