Music and Life- On yet another Monday

Hello folks,

What does one do on a bleary Monday morning? Reminisce about fond memories of a week gone by, or have a manic episode about pending deliverables/ emails/ targets/ client meetings et al.? Reading Prajwal’s last post made me realise, that, while work, deliverables and client meets are an important part of life, one must not forget that the true beauty of life lies in the sounds and smells of the World. Or perhaps,the touch of your beloved.

Music on a Monday is one of the best ways to preserve balance in life and get you prepared for the day and the week ahead. On most occasions I have leaned toward Classic Rock, but that’s more of a personal preference than a statement or critique of music in general.

Monday brings with it, its share of surprises and expectations, starting with superior singing the hallelujah about my Targets vs Achievements for the Quarter and my clients discussing deliverables and Behavior Assessment reports. Tasks and To-Do notes seem to spring forth from all corners of my cubicle, my laptop, my white board, drawers, everywhere. Between the Post-It’s and the reports I think I have enough paper there to build my own Papier-mâché man!

My Life wasn’t always submerged under reams of reports with the millstone called deliverable’s around my neck While I was in college, I remember to have been more ‘hopeful’ of life. That life not only had intrinsic value to the person living it, but was meant to be lived with purpose. Yet, over period of time the ship called ‘Purpose’ is slowly drifting away from the shores getting hazier in a mist of responsibilities, accountability, salary, client expectations and organizational expectations.

Yet, in the middle of this chaotic , and sometimes, schizophrenic existence, it always has been the music that has been my salvation. From the sounds of the cicada near my office, to the melody of Sir Mark Knopfler singing Romeo and Juliet and David Gilmour singing Coming Back to life, music encompasses within it, that special ‘something’ that is the key differentiator between ‘existence’ and ‘living’ – a connection with the divine.

The more I write, the more I realise, at some point, each of us searches for meaning in life- and on a Monday morning, which symbolically represents a new beginning, it helps to remember that what we are, what we own, what we would like to be, and what we have to do, are separate entities, and our present is in transience between these poles. Music helps me sail through these facets of life, with the cheery nature of a fisherman pulling at the oars, skimming through the seas.

As Monday draws to a close, some To-Do notes have been dispensed with, others have taken their position. Some Purchase Orders have been booked, and others prospective clients have taken their place in the pipeline. The cycle of life for yet another Behaviour Consultant and assessment provider (Me!) continues; Time Marches on.

A guitar sits in the corner of my room, and as I begin to first play, Country Roads” and then “Let it Be” I realise that true happiness and contentment lies beyond the realm of the wants, needs, people and places. It can be found when one is able to perceive life not just as a function of action and reactions, or discovery to business to profit, but as a symbiosis of Rhythm, Melody and Rhyme.