The incoherent Saturday post…

Hello hello,

It is time for the incoherent Saturday post. What is that? Well… It is basically a post covering random topics, some connected, some disconnected and unrelated; some rants and some highs… Might also include some unexpected weird wacky humour in it (the humour part is quite obviously for the readers to decide). Not sure if I want to try and put subheadings to indicate a disconnected topic, but we’ll see how it goes…

Let us see now, first things first… No post for Friday night and no apologies either. I finally got around to watching the (not-so-)recent movie “Horrible Bosses”. Felt it was a little too… indescribable… for a “comedy“. Somehow film makers these days don’t seem to be able to make funny movies. I agree that slapstick comedy usually hangs on some character being subject to derogatory treatment, or in a more theatrical sense slapstick humour depends a lot on random witty insults being thrown around (if you have issues with “witty insults”, please don’t bring it up for discussion. I have already mentioned that it is the incoherent Saturday blog).

There are hardly any worthy dialogues in any movie. All action/Sci-fi movies apparently need to have some sort of a hero standing up on any random platform and yell his heart out delivering some “independence-day” type speech. What is worse is that it is assumed that this “hero” has to be American… Perhaps this is done to implement some sort of ironic humour (considering how the greatest of the great are messing the world up economically and militarily), but I just don’t get it. Or maybe I am completely utterly mistaken and the film makers are trying to recreate a scene from the film “Der untergang” (“Downfall” I think it was called in English), it is just completely incomprehensible.

Books and Softwares:

Maybe you guys guessed the theme for the previous paragraphs…movies and this one is, as the subtitle says, Books. On the books end, this has been one of the better weeks. We (Me and my wife) have bought 6-7 books in the last 3 weeks or so of which I am through about 3 of them,  one of which was “The moonstone”. Lots more reading material to go and for that I am HAPPY… (with a bigggg GLEEE on my face). These books are obviously not the theses that I am reading up for my research, Even on that end, there a few new articles and theses that are proving to be interesting. And I found some cool Scientific Data Visualisation software….Basically really cool stuff to play around with.

Random Stuff:

I wonder if everyone realises that the more we progress with the digital age, the more we progress with the computer technology, the lesser we read and the more we write. I wonder how long it will be, before we grow so impatient that no one will have time to read more than a page. I do remember reading an article somewhere a while ago as to how with the new Information age, we are overloading our brains with information, that we grow more incoherent as we gain more knowledge. I am not sure about this thought. Anyone care to share thoughts on this line???

I will write my last post for viehebdomadaires tomorrow…Hopefully, I will return with a more coherent finishing post. Until tomorrow then.