Tuesday Blues…

Hello folks,

nice to see that some of you have decided to come back and read the experimental blog… again! And a hearty welcome to the ones who are reading this for the first time!

Coming to the theme of importance today, one often hears of Monday morning blues. But what we almost never hear is how the Tuesday is the worst day of the week when one gets back from the holiday.

The Monday morning after a vacation is well… expected to be quite hard. This is something that almost all of us have experienced. This holds especially true when the vacation (be it in the form of European style week(s) long vacation or just a long weekend getaway) has been a truly relaxing one. When one eventually drags self out of bed and lands in office, the Monday turns out to be easier than expected, thanks to wonderful colleagues who take the trouble to ask about the vacation and one’s well-being over the period of one’s absence (This part of course depends on your colleagues/ friends). Then, the rest of the day or rather, a greater part of the day can be spent in organising the desk, getting (re)acquainted with the objects at the workspace, clearing out the Desktop, watering plants if one has any, getting rid of the travel tickets/boarding passes/bills, filling out compensation forms, answering emails etc. These are the trivial yet time-consuming things that matter the most in a making a post-vacation-Monday much easier than expected.

The following morning brings the (not-so-) dreaded Tuesday. Tuesday hits you in the most unexpected manner! The not-so-hectic end to Monday brings a new enthusiasm on Tuesday morning. One is brimming with energy, waiting to tackle N-things which make up X percent of Y-jobs/tasks to be completed by Z-deadline. Full of confidence, one boots up the computer/logs into the workstation and opens up the relevant folders to get on with the first of the said N-things. Then one realises that one has lost all track of the links between the tasks and jobs at hand. Nevertheless, such a minor setback is hardly a thing to dampen the spirit of the “achievement-hungry-post-vacationeer”! So one sets about the task of retracing the links so that one can work more efficiently. This is but a mistake, as this leads to Wikipedia style following of links. At the end of a few hours, the post-vacationeer is up to his/her neck in chaotic notes (either physical or mental) meant to help in reorganisation of the well intended work-plan(s). This in turn leads to a very worried and exasperated lunch-break. The post-lunch progress in work-plan development is hindered by dampened spirits… results from the pre-lunch attempts at reforming the old work plans.

Soon, it is the end of the day and one is quite disappointed with the overall “Progress” achieved throughout a very productive Tuesday (if one has any achievements at all i.e.). Thus, one ends the day with two resolutions. The first resolution being to achieve greater heights on the following Wednesday morning and the second resolution being a less disorganised departure for the next vacation. The former is met by almost everyone who makes such a resolution. The latter however, is one that just goes into the annals of forgetfulness until the grand return of the next post-vacation-Tuesday.

Well that is my post for today… hope you guys had a nice vacation or a productive return from a vacation. Happy Wednesday to all the readers of this post!

Cheers! 🙂