Manuel García: my favorite chilean artist

Last night we went to my favorite bar, La Piedra Feliz, which is a very bohemian bar with a lot of style right in front of the port. My favorite musician, Manuel García, was playing there. He is a chilean trovadorand creates lyrics that are pure poetry. I recommend him for anyone that is interested in Spanish music or good music in general. Most of his songs are written in an existential style. He is absolutely fantastic.
Here are some of my favorite songs for those who want to check out a few clips of his:
“Azucar al café”
“El viejo comunista”

and here are some photos from last night:

Kites are a huge thing here in September because it is the windiest month. It is a very chilean decoration in September and you can always see them being flown during this time.

This monster is called a chorrillana! It is fries, sausage, meat, and onions. Perfect food to eat while drinking as one has to be drunk to see it as appetizing :p

Manuel García himself.

Tomorrow is Chilean´s independence day and Im looking forward to a huge cookout, cueca, and wine!