Chilean independence day (week)!

So, thanks for anyone who voted for me to be the second writer! Sarah´s posts were so great and she seems like such a talented person. I hope to also contribute something awesome to this blog as well, so here I go! This week is the perfect time to be sharing my life with other bloggers because it is las fiestras patrias (independence festivities) this week. See, independence day is September 18th but this holiday lasts pretty much all month and most specifically the week of the 18th. Honestly, I would love to know what other countries go all out as much as they do so that I can go to them because it is certainly a great experience.

It was only September 10th this weekend, but there were patriotic events everywhere and men and women in their chinitas (dresses) and traje de huaso (a man´s outfit). I think the outfits are so colorful and awesome. There were already people in the streets having asados (cookouts) and dancing to cueca, the national dance. The dance is quite beautiful and sexy, in my opinion. It is a parody of the courtship of a rooster and a chicken. The girl leads the entire dance and the man pursues her.

We also went to an event in the school. All the children of each grade put on shows and danced cueca and type of zamba(a type of dance from southern chile).They were also cooking meat (lots and lots and lots of meat). Chileans basically skin a cow and throw the entire thing on the grill. (Just kidding, but kindof not). They LOVE meat and most family or special events revolve around cooking meat on the grill (and drinking lots of wine)!
The kids were adorable and wore the traditional clothing for these dances.

This holiday, plus the end of winter and the start of warm weather, makes September the best month of the year in Chile. In this month, we go from huddling around the heater to laying out at the pool and having lots of cookouts. You can feel the entire energy of the country change.

Did you know that there is a law in Chile that you have to fly the Chilean flag outside your house/apartment/establishment during the 18th and 19th of September or you will get a fine? They are extremely specific about it in regards to the pole it hangs off of and which way the flag hangs.

I´d love to hear more about what the readers would like to hear more of. Chilean vocabulary? Chilean culture? More photos? I will be sharing the events of the famous 18th de Septiembre but until then, let me know what you guys would like to hear about! (and for those who don´t know already, my blog is here!

Saludos y amor a todos, Chau!