The second writer is….

Catherine Childers

She is an american expat from Atlanta, Georgia living in Valparaíso, Chile. Spanish major, currently pursuing an MBA.  A huge fan of the Argentinean singer Charly García, and loves blogging about the crazy but lovable country (Chile) that she lives in.

She writes on a very nice blog here along with some great pictures. She tells me that she  will have a story on the very colourful Chilean Independence day celebrations happening on the 18th of September.. We look forward to reading your posts, Catherine. She will be writing from tomorrow (12th) till the end of the week (18th)

Before I sign off, many thanks to Sarah for her wonderful posts and great pictures in her blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last one week of your posts and am glad that there was no spontaneous combustion 😛 even with so many different things happening…


(P.S. If you’d like to write on the blog, please drop me a message using the Contact Us page)