(my favourite schoolgirl socks and lace-up heels, that seemed like a great idea until I had to walk between every concert this afternoon. Walk!)

Ai ai ai, what a few days! I haven’t had time to breathe, or brush my hair    though I guess that’s more laziness on my part     let alone get to giving you a more detailed run down of my shenanigans.

I forgot to talk about my concert on Thursday evening, other than mentioning it was over. My first time performing in my Conservatorium department in more than a year, so I did have a little of the ol’ butterflies-in-the-tummy. Still, it was fun, especially the piece Gesti, by the Italian composer Berio. I didn’t make a recording, but here is me performing the same work in the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam in April:

Is it just me, or is that video a bit out of sync? I feel a bit seasick. Then again, that piece usually makes me seasick anyway.

Yesterday evening was a merry whirlwind of wine, jolities, organ music, rapping, gin+pomegranate, contemporary choral music, linguistics, and pork. Twelve of us squeezed around one tiny table to eat Joel’s excellent jambalaya:

jambalayaAfter shovelling four different species of meat into my belly, I glanced at my watched and saw there were just four minutes until the concert at the Nicolaikerk. Cue some speedy biking! Cue one wibbly belly!

Needless to say, the night got late.

Today I saw four excellent concerts:

  1. Percussion, table banging and Frank Zappa in the City Archive Hall
  2. Scratchy cello quartet under the chandeliers in the Huize Molenaar
  3. Electric guitar, bayan, piano and drums in the observatory
  4. VocaalLAB, again, in the Nicolaïkerk, again, because I love it

It’s great to be completely immersed in so much contemporary music, especially if you are as nerdy as I am. I also love meeting new composers from all over the world – my goal of getting new pieces written for me is drawing every closer! Mwa ha ha! HAAAH!   

Not sure why I did the evil dictator laugh there. I’m sure most villains have slightly more ominous plans than a new recorder repertoire. Meow?