Speedy Gonzalez

Above: today’s footly offering

This is a short stop-off post to assure you all I haven’t disappeared – today has just reached new heights of full-osity! So far my Friday has been:

  1. Shoot off early to work at the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam, where I gave an architectural tour of the building
  2. Hot foot it to the Conservatorium, for a meeting about my masters degree
  3. Leap around the library, collecting kidz songz for my new teaching post
  4. Plonk myself down for a lecture about – of all things – contemporary harpsichord techniques. pling pling.
  5. Speed off on my bicycle for prosecco with the team at MeMo – my other job, where I do music workshops with babies      normally no prosecco involved
  6. Locomotive it back to Utrecht, where I be now. THEN:
  7. I’m heading to a friend’s for a mass dinner party
  8. Rushing out the door to see the concert of VocalLAB at the Gaudeamus festival
  9. Going back to my friend’s, for WINE. FULL STOP.

Details later!  I was gonna try and be cool and say “Catch ya on the flip side”, but then I realised that would mean I’m dead. Oh well. Whatevs.