Amsterdam Watermelons

Another concert down – one more to go this week! I’m pooped and finally home after a looooong day music-ing and strutting my stuff on stage. However, more of that tomorrow – for much more exciting news is at hand! We’re moving to Amsterdam!

amsterdam(the view near my old place, when I first lived there in 2007)

So, my boyf and I signed the contract today for our new apartment – a place twice the size of our current abode, with a garden. Only when you have lived in the unbelievably cramped Netherlands can one truly understand what that means!This is a country where friends of mine live in shipping containers next to the prison.

Right now we live in a little huisje in Utrecht – in my opinion a far lovelier city than Amsterdam, with a wealth of cosy tea-shops, independent cinemas, and windy canal streets. There are no tourists here, and the red light district is confined to a kilometre stretch of house-boats, where the ladies-of-the-night recline in their gardens at lunchtime. 

What am I saying? I did miss Amsterdam of course; I lived there for three years before, and I can’t wait to cycle around the canals at midnight dressed as a bumblebee!  Again!

Our current decorative ‘taste’ –  term used provisionally  – looks a bit like this:

Top: Library, dinosaur origami, fake Mondrian phone.  Middle: Boyf’s collection of tapestries and painting of Theodorus Rijkers, the first Dutch coastguard.  Bottom: Our educational poster corner (breaking news: now with NEW POSTER!)

It’s safe to say, our place in the big city will be just as… characterful.

My boyf has subsequently complained that I don’t mention him enough upon la blog, thus I deem it time to announce him to the world. Meet Jon, presented here in a range of photoshop incarnations created on my phone.     Pro. Cras. Tin. Ay. Shun.

1. rollerskates and watermelons.    2. nerd.       3. goddamn cool

(No, one does not smile here in Utrecht. Why? It rains ALL THE BLOODY TIME.)

Last night we went to the local jam session – we kind of had to, as it was in the café under our flat, and the strains of young Utrechtians crooning Niiight Mooooods were a little hard to block out. I jest! I love jazz! Even when Jon practices rhythm changes on his sax in our kitchen for a solid five hours!

Jon’s sax was glowing blue, as he was reading the charts from an ipad. Technology these days! I’m still scared to use the microwave function on our oven in case something blows up.   Actually, last time I did that, it did.

On that note      HAH! Get it? Note? Like, music? Oh.   I’m turning in. G’night!