Life, Education and Spoons

An unprecedented second post in a day – mainly because I have a half hour to spare in between tagliatelle and the jazz session, and because tomorrow will reach new heights of business busyness   – you know what I mean!

So, this afternoon I began my new position as recorder tutor extraordinaire in a music school, imparting my knowledge and wisdom to expand the collective brains of today’s youth. Well, my students can now make really good bird sounds.

I love teaching! Example below: me teaching morris dance on a summer course in August; all very well and good until that the kids wanted to name our dance ‘double-ended spooning’.  erhm.

Is it just me, or are there a lot of kids around these days? I know, I work in education so it is to be expected, but I fear I have also reached The Age. That is, when my friends start popping out babies and cooing. In fact, I would like to extend my congratulations to my high school best friend, whose gorgeous daughter is turning the grand old age of one today!

And a photo of said baby? Well, I come from the hysterical British Isles, where one needs a CRB check to even think about stepping foot in a school, and has to sign a wager to snap a pic at a birthday party. So I’m well aware that it may not be wise to plaster public photo’s of Birthday Baby on Blog. But she is so cute! Like, so, cute! To make up for it, this is her in equivalent cute animal form:

The problem of friends-with-babies-and-responsibilities is that it inevitably leads to the ol’ life comparison game. Fuelled by wine and facebook stalking      what? no, I didn’t mean me          it’s now easier than ever before to peek into the comings and goings of others, and to feel inferior. Let’s take a look:

Others                                   Me
Lawyer/ doctor / etc               I. Am. A. Recorder. Player.
House, with garden                Attic space above a Chinese hairdresser
Car                                       Six bikes.
Husband and babies              Equally impoverished jazz musician boyfriend
Classy interior design            Bird posters and a rocking horse

Though, looking at that table        nothing makes one feel better than looking at a table           I don’t feel so bad anymore. What my life lacks in stability, regularity and a pension, I make up for in concerts, extended brunch, and month-long bike expeditions. I may not have a mortgage, but I’m sticking to my guns and following classical music, even if it lands me in a hole of an apartment with no shower or hot water!      and it did. I lived in that place for a YEAR.

I will no doubt be of an otherwise opinion tomorrow, when I’ve changed my mind and want to let everyone know how hard being a musician really is COMPLAIN COMPLAIN, but for now, I’m going to be happy. I’m off to the jam session!