Ceramic Trumpets

sock-shoe tuesday

Good morning, Tuesday, and would you look at THAT for a splanky sock-shoe combination! Just the ticket for a day of rehearsals and prep for tonight’s very important and exciting concert, I say.

the adidas’esss (what IS their plural??) were £3 from a charity shop in Edinburgh. Just saying. acquiring them is my proudest achievement ever, to rival passing my driving test and attainment of degree. (That’s a lie, of course. I never passed my driving test.)

AnyHOO, my Monday was a extremulous whirl of new beginnings and organisation. I am officially a master student, though it feels quite the same as being a bachelor student, apart from that people now say “Oooh” and I can flick my hair.

I began my new course of study in a bit of an… odd… mood, mainly because on Sunday night I engrossed myself in 2 1/2 hours of planetary collisions and Wagner. Yes, I saw Lar von Trier’s Melancholia at the cinema! I won’t pretend that I’m filmy OR buff-y enough to grant it a review, but I will say I liked it.

Below: K-D in Melancholia          Reeeally below: The Fall

The opening sequence  like every says  was stunning, and I won’t wax lyrical on that because a thousand people beat me to it on IMDB. But it did remind me of the opening sequence of Tarsem Singh’s The Fall – slow motion, beautiful scenes, bombastic classical music, horses falling over.

I won’t tell you how it ends   EVERYBODY DIES   but I can tell you that I got lost on the way out of the cinema. Picture me, giggling inanely and stumbling around in the fire escape, whilst holding a small rubber goldfish in the air.       Ijustdon’tknow

IN MORE EXCITING NEWS!   that only concerns you if you are a nerd and live in Utrecht!  The Gaudeamus Music festival has begun! A week of contemporary, newly composed music fresh from the squidgy brains of today’s composers.

installationAbove: Whispers, a sound installation in the Vredenburgh Leeuwenberg, Utrecht

I went to see the opening concert of the festival – five of the new compositions selected by the jury for the big prize. A splendid evening of accordions, contrabassoons, graty electronics, smashing beer cans, really really really high piccolos, cello sawing, and      I counted     three moments of tonality.

My exciting concert this evening? I’ll be performing another selected work   actually, for the record, it’s THE BEST ONE. And should win. Got that? Right.   in the festival, with the Amsterdam Collage Ensemble, composed by the lovely Yu Oda. It features giant recorders, lots of percussion, a screaming bass clarinet, and a mythical sea organ.    Wish one luck!