Day one has arrived!

Good morning, blogosphere! I hereby kick-off this splanky year-long project vie hebdomadaires : fifty two writers from around our lovely globe, guest-blogging their way to a multitudous mass  of collected thoughts and imaginings, and (no doubt) tales of what we had for breakfast.

I’ll keep this introduction short, and, as we are true products of a new century, in PHOTO FORMAT.

This is me. Obligatory posh white

But sometimes I look LIKE THIS.       It might be best not to ask

You’ll find out why over the course of this week. Ominous laugh.

I spend my time doing mostly these things:

1. Playing classical music. Preferably the kind of stuff that requires a compass to navigate and makes ones ears bleed. 

2. Riding my bicycle. I like to ride my bicycle. Oh, I like to ride my bicycle.

3. Blogging over at sockmyshoe! about fantabulous sock-shoe combinations. Today’s example:

Resplendent, eh? My business-like white brogues (picked up for a steal at a market), paired with geometric sockettes from monki. Why so splendid? All because today, people, I start my masters degree! In classical contemporary music, at the Conservatorium in Amsterdam. You guys are lucky (and I, I suppose, am not) as this will officially be the busiest week evah.

And I get to share it with you! Joy! Glip, glee! Head explosions!

 ~ Sarah

ps. the wordpress proofreader told me that ‘multitudous’, ‘fantabulous’ and ‘monki’ aren’t actually words. sorry pal, you’re gonna have to get used to it.