The first writer here is….

Sarah Jeffery

Sarah Jeffery (born 1985, Liverpool) is a recorder player currently based in Amsterdam. She has toured and performed throughout England, Wales, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Luxembourg as both a soloist and chamber musician. In her chamber ensembles, she has appeared on BBC radio, Swiss radio and Dutch television, and has recorded on three studio CDs.

(An excerpt from her website)

I’m a musician living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I spend my time speeding around on my rusty bike, drinking tea to excess, and trying to have travel adventures whenever I can!

(An excerpt from her couch-surfing profile)

Maintains an active blog on sock and shoe combinations here

She will be soon starting her week on the blog from the 5th of September. She tells me that she has a very busy and exciting week coming up, which means that her blog would be that extra interesting…! Please stick around and read what she has to say…!

Congratulations Sarah, welcome on board…